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Buying Onbrez is a good option for many COPD patients to ease symptoms and reduce breathing difficulties. This medication is produced by Novartis and is approved for use in the EU.

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Onbrez Breezhaler is a treatment for COPD and comes in capsule form, which you can place in your inhaler yourself. The device makes a hole in the capsule, releasing a powder that you can inhale again. This medication is made by manufacturer Novartis and you can buy Onbrez if you have an (online) prescription for it.

  1. Easy to use capsule

  2. Excellent for symptom relief

  3. Use once a day

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a term used for a variety of conditions that affect the airways, such as chronic bronchitis, emphysema and chronic airway blockage. COPD is mainly caused by smoking and is a result of repeated inflammation and damage to the airways. Repeated exposure to dust, air pollution and  exhaust fumes can also trigger COPD.

Symptoms may include a strong cough with mucus, wheezing and difficulty breathing. Because this is a so-called progressive condition, COPD is more common in people aged 35 or older.

Because this disease worsens with continuous exposure to harmful substances, you should talk to your doctor to find a way to avoid these substances. You may have toquit smokingor you may have to take measures such as avoiding particulate matter, etc.

To reduce COPD symptoms and slow the progression of COPD, your doctor may also recommend treatment to stop the inflammation in your lungs. Onbrez contains indacaterol, which is a beta2 agonist and is effective for up to 24 hours after administration. This ingredient works by relaxing the muscles around the airways and allowing your airways to dilate.