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Ramipril capsules are used for high blood pressure and reduce the risk of conditions that can be caused by hypertension.

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Ramipril is a generic medicine for high blood pressure and is made by Actavis. These capsules contain the same ingredient as Tritace, namely an ACE inhibitor. Ramipril capsules are available in different strengths. Which daily dosage is most suitable for you depends on what other medicines you take and how sensitive you are to side effects.

  1. Helps lower blood pressure
  2. Easy to swallow
  3. Generic version

High blood pressure (hypertension) can go unnoticed for a while and many people do not know they have this condition. This is because this condition has no characteristic symptoms so it can be detected early. However, this does not mean that this condition is harmless. Hypertension can cause various cardiovascular diseases and even strokes. That is why this condition must always be treated.

People over 65 or people who exercise little, smoke, drink a lot of alcohol and follow a poor diet are at a higher risk of this condition. That is why a doctor will always first examine your lifestyle if you are diagnosed with high blood pressure. The patient will then be recommended to take measures and change their lifestyle, such as: more exercise, a different diet, less salty food, quitting smoking and less alcohol. If these measures alone do not provide sufficient change in blood pressure, the doctor can also prescribe medication.

Order Ramipril without a prescription?

Ramipril is a medicine that can help lower blood pressure. This medicine contains an ACE inhibitor. This substance inhibits the conversion of angiotensin to angiotensin II. Angiotensin II regulates blood pressure and can increase it by causing the blood vessels to constrict. By reducing the amount of angiotensin II in the blood, ramipril can help reduce blood pressure.

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