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For erectile dysfunction, the drug Spedra may be prescribed. This medicine literally causes the penis to become and remain stiff. It is important that the conditions are correct. It is important to get a stimulation that triggers an erection. In other cases, the medicine will not have the desired effects, even if the medicine works well in the body. This is very important. So provide sexual stimulation.

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Side effects of Spedra

Spedra has a number of side effects that should be taken into account. Headache, hot flashes and flushing due to dilated blood vessels in the head occur in approximately one in ten users. A blocked nose also occurs in approximately 10 percent. Other complaints, such as heart problems, eye problems, hypersensitivity, dizziness, rash, nausea and high blood pressure occur very rarely. However, these complaints are all important reasons to contact the doctor immediately for advice. It is often necessary to stop or reduce the dose to reduce the problems experienced.

How to use Spedra?

Spedra should be taken half an hour before sexual activity with several sips of water. Half or a whole tablet is sufficient. This way there is sufficient time for the substance to be absorbed into the body. The effect can then last for several hours. It is important not to exceed the dosage due to side effects. Not even at a later time in the day. One dose per day is the maximum. In other cases, the more dangerous side effects may be more likely to take hold of the body. This must of course be prevented. This way your health remains healthy.

Interaction with other resources

The drug Spedra is better not to use in some cases. This concerns other blood vessel dilators, medicines for the condition PAH, stomach remedies, some antibiotics and the use of medicines against hepatitis or HIV. When these medications are used, it is important to report this to the doctor.

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