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Contraceptives come in many forms. The best known to you is probably the pill, such as Cerazette. This medicine can be used to prevent pregnancies. There are no ways to influence menstruation using this medication. For that reason it is also good if you gain some more knowledge about this. This way the medicine can be used correctly in every situation. Anyone who wants to influence menstruation will be dependent on other medications.

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How to use

The use of Cerazette is only recommended to prevent pregnancies. It is then important to start on the first day of menstruation. It is then important to continue taking the pill at the same time every day. Also when bleeding occurs. There is no break week for this pill, which is also called the minipill, as may be the case with other contraceptives. So keep this in mind when you start.


  • Cerazette pills 75 micrograms desogestrel. Take twice a day.
  • Price: €74.61 per 3 months

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Side effects

Irregular bleeding and breakthrough bleeding are quite common side effects of Cerazette. One in three users will have to deal with this. Other side effects are much less common. This may be due to the absence of menstruation. Nausea, sore breasts, headaches and weight gain are also side effects that can be associated with the use of this drug. A dry vagina, change in sex drive and mood swings also occur in exceptional cases. Please note that in extreme cases breast cancer and liver disease can occur.

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Active ingredients

Cerazette revolves around the progestin hormone desogestrel. This is the active substance that can prevent pregnancies. This is partly because it inhibits ovulation. It is important to know a number of other medications. This concerns anti-epileptic drugs, anti-TB drugs, St. John's wort and anti-HIV drugs as well as Bosetan. All these drugs can cause side effects. It is therefore important to consult with the doctor if one of these drugs is used.

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