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The drug Duac is based on the action of various substances. In this way, acne can be combated. One product ensures that the skin is loosened. The other drug is an antibiotic. In this way, acne can be reduced. It is important to know how the resources can be used. This ensures optimal results. In this way, the growth of skin cells can be inhibited, but the bacteria can also be killed. This helps solve the problem being experienced.

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How to use

You can use Duac acne gel by first thoroughly cleaning and drying the skin. Be careful not to clean with soap. A little lukewarm water is sufficient. The product can then be applied in a gel-like form. Do not massage this in, just apply it. Do this on undamaged skin, not on the problematic areas themselves. Start with once a day. A doctor may recommend applying it more often to promote recovery.

Side effects

Duac can cause irritated skin. This can be caused by both active substances. This makes it possible in more cases than many of the other side effects. Other problems may include the development of hives and experiencing hypersensitivity to the drug or to sunlight. This is often due to the antibiotic portion of the medications. Diarrhea can be caused by the agents that loosen the skin. Keep a close eye on the side effects. If you suffer from this a lot or for a long time, the help of a doctor is often required.

Active ingredients

The Duac ointment drug revolves around two active ingredients. First of all, it concerns Benzyl peroxide. This is the substance that has an effect on the skin. The other active substance is the antibiotic. This is the substance clindamycin. This has an antibacterial effect. When using these drugs, be aware of how they interact with other medications. It may be wise to consult a doctor about this to prevent further problems.Watch the videoto learn everything about Duac acne gel.

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Package leaflet & dosage

  • 1 mg clindamycin phosphate and 3 mg hydrous benzoyl peroxide
  • 1 mg clindamycin phosphate and 5 mg hydrous benzoyl peroxide


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