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Insect bites, psoriasis, eczema and LE can all be treated with Elocon. This medication is intended to reduce both the manifestations and the complaint itself. Using the cream correctly can ensure that both short-term and long-term effects are visible. However, it is important to pay close attention to its use. There are a number of very specific rules to ensure that this is done correctly.

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Side effects of Elocon

The use of Elocon is associated with side effects. Although these do not occur in all cases. In about five percent of cases, the problem is mainly that other complaints are masked by the use of this medicine. For example, other infections may occur. Because the symptoms do not become visible, they are not treated sufficiently. Another problem that also occurs in about five percent of cases is that the drug leads to allergic reactions. The allergy then relates to the active substance. Stopping the treatment is then important.

How to use Elocon?

The product should be applied as thinly as possible to the areas where the complaint is experienced. Spread the product well. It is also important to wash the fingers with which it is applied thoroughly before and immediately afterwards. It may be wise to cover the infected areas with plastic wrap after application until the cream has been properly absorbed. This promotes the effect and prevents the products from touching other areas of the skin. After all, this can cause problems. Therefore, make sure that this does not happen, even without applying the foil.

Interaction with other resources

Elocon does not work well in combination with other remedies for the same complaints. If another cream is used, Elocon cannot be used. This is because it must be applied properly to the skin and absorbed properly. Even a greasy topical cream should not be applied within an hour of using the drug.

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