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Emla is a drug that has an anesthetic effect. For this reason, it can be prescribed for conditions from two categories. For example, it can work well when you experience pain. However, it can also be of great value if you are dealing with sexual disorders. With Emla cream you can prevent premature ejaculation. Depending on the type of complaint you are going to use the resources for, the way in which this should be addressed may differ. This can be explained by a doctor when necessary. This way you can benefit optimally from the effect of the medicine.

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How to use

The use of Emla depends on the form. In some cases, for example with ulcers, a cream must be used. This should be applied, but not massaged in. The cream must then be left on for a certain period of time and then rinsed off. If the drug is prescribed preventively, it is often in the form of a patch. This can need to be applied anywhere from ten minutes to up to five hours in advance. A doctor can provide instructions about this. This depends on the reason for using the resources.

Side effects of Emla cream

There are only a limited number of side effects related to the use of Emla. However, it is very important to keep a close eye on this. For example, it could be hypersensitivity to the substances. The doctor should then be consulted immediately. In addition, skin irritation may occur. Complaints such as itching, pain and redness are not uncommon for these side effects. So keep a close eye on this. Anemia can also be caused. This can be recognized by a blue-gray discoloration of the skin. For all side effects, read thepackage leaflet.

Use Emla cream

With Emla you can anesthetize the skin or mucous membranes. That is why it is mainly used for treatments of, among other things, the nasolabial fold, corners of the mouth and jawline. These are also called filler treatments and the cream makes it less sensitive. This is why it is used to make the needle prick less sensitive. Even a small needle, in combination with nerves, can feel very painful. The numbing cream can help you to experience this less before the treatment.

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Thanks to the ingredients lidocaine and prilocaine, the anesthetic effect can be experienced. This can be compared to an anesthetic that the dentist gives you. It is important to allow sufficient time for the EMLA to be absorbed. 30 minutes is the lower limit. Also apply the cream in a good thick layer. Close the cream with plastic so that it is absorbed extra well by the skin. This way you get more effect from the active substances in it. This is a very important step.

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The cream can be applied purely for anesthesia. It is therefore not the case that the treatment is better or worse due to the use of Emla. However, the skin is in better condition. This is partly due to its hydrating effect. The wrinkles will therefore appear less deep. This may therefore mean that an incorrect estimate is made of the amount of filler required for the treatments. This is also called undertreatment. This chance must be kept as small as possible.

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Emla also has a disadvantage. It can only carry the anesthetic to a certain extent. For example, the unpleasant feeling of Hyaluronic acid from the treatment cannot be removed. The burning sensations that can be felt due to this acid during the filler treatment will therefore continue to exist. It is true that the injection is anesthetized. On the other hand, there are also narcotics to counteract the burning. This means that this side of the problem can also be solved easily. These are always applied.