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Malarone is a drug used to combat malaria. This may involve preventing malaria, but also killing the malaria parasites when they have already established themselves in the body. The use of the drug may vary. This depends on whether it is used preventively or afterwards. However, the effect is the same for both cases. When used correctly, malaria can be effectively combated. It is then important to pay attention to a number of things for optimal results.

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How to use

When it comes to preventing malaria, start taking the Malarone tablets before leaving for a malaria area. This is then done once a day. This is continued in the area and for seven days after return. If malaria has been contracted, a treatment of several days will be prescribed upon return. This must then be completed in its entirety. This often involves taking the medicine three times a day. It should always be taken around meals.

Side effects

Side effects of Malarone include gastrointestinal complaints and headache. This can occur in ten to thirty percent of cases. Less common side effects include loss of appetite and coughing. If these side effects persist for a longer period of time, it is wise to consult a doctor to discuss this. Insomnia, dizziness, psychological complaints as well as anemia and hypersensitivity also occur in rare cases when this drug is used. Even in such cases it may be wise to inform and discuss this with the doctor.

Active ingredients

Malarone has two active ingredients. First of all, it concerns the substance proguanil. This substance kills the parasites. To strengthen the effect, the substance is supplemented with a comparable substance. This concerns atovaquone. This substance also has an effect on the parasites. In the case of some antibiotics, anti-nausea medicines and anti-HIV medicines, an interaction may occur. The medicines then do not work well or the side effects become stronger.

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