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Propecia as a medicine is used to reduce the effect of testosterone and to prevent hair loss. It has an effect on the prostate and the hair follicles in the skin. As a result, it can help men with urinary problems and baldness. In women, on the other hand, it can offer an advantage in case of excessive hair growth. It is important to know that the effect starts slowly. Particularly in combating urinary problems, it can take up to six months before clear progress is visible.

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Side effects of Propecia

The side effects of propecia are very rare. The most common complaint is the development of impotence. Other sexual complaints such as a reduced amount of seminal fluid may also occur. This can even lead to painful testicles. In women, it is especially important to be careful with painful or swollen breasts. This can ultimately lead to breast cancer if insufficient attention is paid. Other complaints include kidney disease, liver disease, palpitations or an altered heart rhythm. In addition, there is always the risk of hypersensitivity. This means that there is an allergy to the active substance.

Use and dosage of Propecia

The use of propecia depends somewhat on the complaint. In any case, it is always the case that this is for the longer term. With both prostate problems and baldness, the effect is only visible after a few months. However, if no progress is noticeable after six months, it is better to stop. There are actually no rules when it comes to the moment of ingestion. The drug may be taken at any time of the day. It is wise to choose a fixed time for this. This ensures a certain degree of regularity that can benefit the operation.

Active substances

Propecia has finasteride as the active ingredient. This substance belongs to the so-called antiandrogens. The effect of the drug varies depending on the dose. The dose should be slightly higher for prostate problems and a lower dose should be chosen for issues relating to the hair.