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The spray or drops in which Flixonase comes are used for complaints in the nose. The drug helps in the treatment of inflammation. This can cause, for example, inflamed nasal mucous membranes, allergies, nasal polyps and hay fever. The drug is generally prescribed for a specific period of time. When the complaints have passed, you can also stop using this medicine. However, this may differ per complaint. It can therefore be helpful to have some knowledge of how to make this work out well.

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The side effects of Flixonase

Side effects of Flixonase are generally not common. However, there is one exception to this. One out of three users will start to experience nosebleeds. This has to do with habituation that has to happen. When this is the case, the complaints will also disappear. Other complaints that may sometimes occur are sores in the nose, infections in the nose or eye, headache or hypersensitivity and affected. People with eye problems such as green cataracts or gray cataracts must be careful that the complaints do not worsen.

How to use Flixonase?

The use of Flixonase is remarkable between drops and spray. With the spray, the medication is injected into the nose. With the drops, the drops must be pushed into the nose with an ampoule and even bent with the head standing. In all cases it is important to even blow your nose first. Also note that the medicine is best used in the morning hours. Sometimes it needs to be used twice a day. most common use is several weeks. With hay fever it lasts as long as the hay fever season.

Alternative emergency treatment against unlawful justification: the EpiPen.

Flixonase and active substances

Flixonase in both drop and spray form revolves around the active part fluticasone. This is a corticosteroid or adrenal cortex hormone. The effect of corticosteroids is always anti-inflammatory. This is quickly noticeable. After the first day of use it starts to work and after about a week this will be clearly noticeable. After a few weeks the substance has done its job.

Price Flixonase allergy medicine

Fluticasone propionate

  • 1 Nasal Spray – €76.79
  • 1 Box – €80.06

Dosing Flixonase

  • Flixonase 50 µg
  • Flixonase nasal drops 400 µg

Always read the Flixonase package leaflet carefully.

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