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The drug Ventolin is prescribed for some shortness of breath. People with lung diseases such as asthma or COPD are often prescribed it by the doctor. This is because this medication, which must be inhaled, causes the airways to widen. Inhalation is not the easiest way to take a medicine. That is why it is of some importance that the correct technique is learned. This way it can be ensured that the medicine can work in the best possible way. When used properly, the drug can work very quickly.

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The side effects of Ventolin

Side effects of Ventolin include shaking hands, in some cases accompanied by palpitations or an accelerated heart rate, coughing, headache or dizziness, nausea, sweating and a bad taste in the mouth. Psychological complaints can also occur. This includes restlessness, anxiety and in some cases hallucinations. It is always advisable to inform the doctor of the problems in such cases. In some cases, side effects are caused by setting the dosage too high. A reduction in the dose can then eliminate the problems.

Use Ventolin

Ventolin must be inhaled. This also means that it is important to learn this technique well. When starting this drug, it is smart to have a doctor or nurse do this for you. Based on the knowledge acquired, you can then inhale properly. It is also wise to have this checked on a regular basis, preferably once a year. After all, it is often the case that the drug has to be used for a long time. Use it as needed, when shortness of breath arises. If this is not the case for more than three months, it may be possible to stop.

Active ingredients in Ventolin

Salbutamol is the active substance contained in Ventolin. Inhaling salbutamol causes the airways to widen. This is often the way to ensure that the shortness of breath (such as asthma) disappears. The advantage of this active ingredient is that it works quickly, often within five minutes. Moreover, the effect lasts for several hours, often between four and six hours.

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