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The drug Yasmin is a so-called sub-50 pill. This is also known as the pill. So it is a contraceptive. It can be taken by women to prevent pregnancy. This is the most common way of use. However, there are also other problems that can be treated with this medication. This mainly concerns problems surrounding menstruation. With the help of this medicine, menstruation can be influenced. The use to prevent pregnancy is different from the use with regard to menstruation.

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How to use

When Yasmin is used as a pill, one pill must be taken daily from the first day of menstruation for 21 days. After that, a stop week must be taken, which lasts seven days. This is one cycle. After the stop week, the treatment starts all over again. When menstruation is manipulated, there is no stopping week. The next series of 21 days must then be continued immediately. This can be continued for up to a year to delay menstruation.

  1. 99% reliable against pregnancy
  2. Easy contraception, take one pill per day
  3. Can help with menstrual bleeding

Side effects

There may be side effects to using Yasmin. If the side effects last longer than three months, a doctor is needed. The side effects involved are: vaginal bleeding outside the stop week, feeling nauseous, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, tense breasts, swollen legs and ankles due to fluid, headache, a dry vagina, skin abnormalities, mood swings, increased or decreased desire for sex, blurred vision due to poorer tear production. In rare cases, thrombosis, heart disease, breast cancer and liver disease may occur. Pay close attention to this. Just like the possibility of being hypersensitive to the substance. Don't forget to read the package leaflet Yasmin !

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Dosage Yasmin

  • 30 µg/3 mg Ethinylestradiol/Drospirenone

The Yasmin pill is always supplied in dosage. Each Yasmin pill contains 0.03 mg. of the active substance ethinylestradiol and 3 mg drospirenone. You must take the pill for 21 days. Then there is a break week and then you start the new strip again.

Active ingredients

The active substances in Yasmin are hormones. This concerns the estrogen hormone ethinylestradiol and the progestin hormone drosperinone. The drugs inhibit ovulation and ensure that there is no opportunity to fertilize the egg. This is because the substances put the body in a state as if this is already over. This can prevent a pregnancy from occurring. This can also ensure that menstruation does not follow the normal rhythm.

What if I am allergic to Yasmin?

Always check carefully what substances are in the medicine. The Yasmin pill contains the following substances: drospirenone, ethinyl estradiol, magnesium stearate (E470b), pregelatinized corn starch, povidone K25, hypromellose (E464), macrogol 6000, talc (E553b), titanium dioxide (E171), yellow iron oxide (E172),  corn starch and lactose monohydrate. Make sure you do not use this medicine if you are allergic to any of the above ingredients.

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