Zyloric is a gout treatment that comes as a tablet. When you use it, it lowers uric acid in your blood. This treats the cause of gout and lowers th...

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Adenuric is a tablet for gout. It is a long-term treatment that helps relieve symptoms by reducing the build-up of urine in the joints.Answer a few...

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Gout is also known as uricular arthritis and it is an annoying condition that can cause you a lot of trouble. Gout causes joint pain and discomfort, such as nausea and vomiting. Gout can be short-lived or persistent. That is why it is important to treat gout. In the long term, problems can even arise, such as kidney stones and renal insufficiency. In this article we provide more information about gout and how you can prevent it.

What is gout?

Gout is actually an inflammation in the joints caused by crystallized uric acid. This happens when the body can no longer remove uric acid properly. Gout can be short- or long-term and causes painful joints that are sometimes difficult to move. The joints are also generally red and swollen. Lumps can even form on the joints due to an accumulation of crystallized uric acid. Shiny, flaky, and itchy skin at the joint site can also be indicators that you are suffering from gout. Gout comes in different forms, such as chronic gout, pseudo gout and flying gout.

Chronic gout

Basically, gout attacks are short-lived and one-off, but in chronic gout we talk about masses of uric acid crystals that form in the soft tissues of the accumulate in the body. Often recognized by lumps around fingers, toes, elbows and ears. Chronic gout must be treated by your GP. Who also wants to uncover the underlying cause of chronic gout. Chronic gout can be diagnosed by a blood test.

Pseudo gout

Psuedo gout is similar to gout and is most common in joints in the knee, wrist, arms and legs. Pseudo gout can occur due to various causes. Such as high calcium levels, low magnesium levels, high iron levels in the blood and acidification of the body.

Flying gout

Flying gout is chronic gout in which gout attacks occur alternately in different parts of the body. Flying gout can cause a lot of discomfort and should therefore be treated by a doctor. Flying gout can occur in almost any part of the body and is not limited to the joints. Flying gout can be detected with a blood test and the GP can draw up a treatment plan based on the test.

Structural treatment

Gout can be structurally treated and even prevented. By deacidifying the body. At a drugstore and pharmacy you can find various products that can help you deacidify the body. Such as a special herbal tea with a deacidifying effect or capsules with a basic coating. Using alkaline bath salts when you take a bath can also help the process of deacidifying the body. It varies per person which product works best. If you are in doubt, it is smart to talk to a certified druggist or pharmacist.

Treatment plan

Do you suspect that you are suffering from gout? Then it is a good idea to consult your doctor. Seek advice and it is also good to have the cause of gout determined. The underlying problem can then be detected through a blood test and the doctor can draw up a treatment plan for this. In addition, a doctor can also prescribe medication such as Colchicine and Allopurinol to treat gout.