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EpiPen is an injection that can be used to administer adrenaline. It is therefore a medicine that will only be used in very extreme cases. Consider situations in which life is threatened, such as acute, severe allergies. This could, for example, be a nut allergy, or the occurrence of problems due to insect bites or stings from bees or wasps. The injection must be applied correctly, otherwise the effect will be lost too much. This is a life-threatening situation not recommended. Information about this can help.

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How to use

The EpiPen injection must be emptied completely immediately upon use. This means that it is especially advisable to do this in the thigh muscle. Because it is urgently necessary, it is possible to do this through clothing. Not only the patient himself, but also some people around the patient must be aware of this. That is why information from a doctor is important. Have it tested every now and then to see whether the technique is still sufficiently memorized.

  • store at room temperature (15-25 c)
  • store in this container
  • use only if clear

Side effects

Because EpiPen revolves around adrenaline, it almost goes without saying that many side effects can affect the heart. For example, an accelerated heart rate and palpitations can often occur. Chest pain can also be involved. This also applies to heart cramps. It may be smart to have the doctor look at this. Sweaty hands and nervousness are also side effects that can occur due to the increased amount of adrenaline. Too rapid functioning of the thyroid gland is also possible. Most problems disappear again.

Put epipen

How should I put the Epipen? You can see this in the instruction card below.

Active ingredients

The most important thing about EpiPen as an injection is that it contains adrenaline. This is the substance that must reverse the life-threatening situation. It narrows the blood vessels. This is similar to how the body's own adrenaline does this. Because the blood vessels often dilate due to allergic reactions, this is the way to combat these problems. Make sure you use it correctly.Epipen is reimbursed through health insurance if obtained with a prescription. Read theinstructions for usecarefully before use.

Alternative emergency treatment for severe allergies: the Emerade.

Excipients in Epipen

  • sodium chloride
  • sodium metabisulphite
  • hydrochloric acid
  • water for injections

Price Epipen

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