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Finasteride as a medicine is used to inhibit the body's own substance testosterone. This mainly concerns counteracting the effect of testosterone on the prostate and the hair follicles of the skin. In this way, urinary problems can be prevented. Baldness in men or excessive hair growth in women can also be combated with the help of this medicine. It may take some time for the medicine to work. On the other hand, use should be stopped if no difference is noticeable after a few months.

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Side effects of Finasteride

The side effects of finasteride can occur in different forms. First of all, it concerns sexual disorders. Impotence, altered sex drive or problems with ejaculation can result from use. Other complaints include painful breasts, liver disorders, hypersensitivity, cardiac arrhythmias or depressive complaints. In all cases it is wise to inform the doctor about this. In some cases, such as hypersensitivity, the drug must be stopped quickly. In that case, other solutions will have to be sought for handling the complaints.

The use of the drug Finasteride

The drug finasteride has no regulations regarding a fixed time of use. Although a self-selected fixed time of day may be advisable. This reduces the chance of forgetting. This allows the medicine to work better. This must be maintained for a long time. The effect, both for hair loss and prostate problems (enlarged prostate), will only become visible after three to six months. However, if no difference is noticeable after six months, you can stop using this drug. Then it won't catch on.

Active elements

Finasteride is also the name of the active ingredient in this drug. It can also be purchased under brand names such as Proscar and Propecia. It is a substance that belongs to the so-called anti-androgens and can therefore counteract testosterone. This is a male sex hormone. The effect is therefore particularly noticeable in men who suffer from various complaints.

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