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The drug Doxycycline is an antibiotic. For that reason it is used to kill bacteria when an infection has been contracted. This may be the case, for example, with respiratory infections and skin infections. Infections in the intestines and genitals can also be treated with this drug. In addition, Lyme disease, malaria and Q fever can be treated using this antibiotic. Use may differ per condition. This is therefore important to keep a close eye on when the medicine is prescribed.

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How to use

Doxycycline comes in four different forms. First of all, there are tablets. These are swallowed whole with some water. Dissolving tablets must be dissolved in the water. Delayed-release capsules should be swallowed whole. Finally, there are injections. These must be administered and generally only occur in hospitals. The medications sometimes need to be taken twice a day. Then make sure you spread it well over the day. This ensures optimal effectiveness of the substances in the products.

Side effects

Doxycycline can come with a number of side effects. The best known are gastrointestinal complaints, inflamed mucous membranes, skin irritation and sinusitis. Keep a close eye on these complaints if you encounter them. If discomfort persists, consulting a doctor is advisable. Less common side effects include: headache, ringing in the ears, pain in the muscles and joints, flushing, difficulty swallowing, irritation in the esophagus, accelerated heart rate, hypersensitivity and problems with UV light. Liver disease can also be a problem. Also pay close attention in these cases and consult a doctor if any discomfort is experienced.

Dosage Doxycycline

Each capsule contains 100 mg. of the active substanceDoxycycline. Always take as prescribed.

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Active ingredients

The products are named after the active substance itself. So this is doxycycline. The tablets and capsules generally contain about 100 mg of active substance. It also contains all kinds of substances to ensure that it takes a tablet or capsule form. It is important to pay attention when using medications for skin conditions, anticoagulant medications, anti-typhoid medications and antibiotics. The medications interact with these agents.

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