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Orlistat is used as a slimming agent. This drug is often prescribed for people who are overweight and other drugs have had insufficient effect. A number of other matters are important to ensure that this product yields optimal results. This concerns, for example, following a diet with a lower fat content and a certain amount of exercise being prescribed. This is important to know in order to properly determine whether the drug has sufficient effect on the body.

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The side effects of Orlistat

Side effects of Orlistat can mainly be expected in the stomach and intestines. For example, it could be greasy stools. This is due to the fact that the drug prevents the absorption of fat in the body. However, it could also be diarrhea. In addition, flatulence and an unpleasant feeling in the stomach are not uncommon. Other complaints that may occur include headaches, colds and even flu. In some cases the drug can cause cavities in the teeth. It is also always possible that there is a certain degree of hypersensitivity to the medicine.

How to use Orlistat

The drug Orlistat must be taken three times a day to achieve maximum weight loss benefits. Around the big meals. This is necessary to prevent the body from absorbing fat in those meals. This can be done just before, during or up to an hour after the meal. It is important to keep track of the development of body weight. If at least 5 percent of the weight has not disappeared after three months, it can be said that the drug is not working well and another solution must be sought.

Active ingredients Orlistat

Orlistat is the name of the active ingredient in this medication. It is also true that some other weight loss and anti-obesity drugs under other names are also based on this substance. This is important to know when trying different remedies. Especially when losing body weight is important for health. In that case, it is a good idea to discuss this with the doctor before purchasing and using this medicine.

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