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Bactroban Nasal is used as a medicine to combat infections in the nose. It's a nasal ointment. Close attention must be paid to this because there are also other variants of Bactroban on the market, but these are used for other conditions, for example on the skin. This is not the same medicine. For that reason it is important to pay sufficient attention to this. It is important to use the ointment exactly as prescribed to avoid worsening the symptoms.

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Side effects of Bactroban Nasal

Bactroban Nasal side effects mainly include problems such as irritation or a burning sensation on the nose immediately after application. This is generally only short-lived. The skin can also become irritated or very dry. It is important to keep a close eye on this. If these complaints do not disappear quickly, they may also be allergic reactions due to hypersensitivity. In that case, a doctor should be contacted immediately. The medicine then does not work well and must be replaced by another medicine to combat the complaints.

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How to use Bactroban Nasal?

Using Bactroban Nasal involves simply applying the ointment to the infected areas of the nose. Please note that hands must be washed immediately before and after application. It is also important to touch the infected areas as little as possible. Also be careful not to touch other places on the body during the treatment. Always clean the areas carefully. Make sure that the ointment is not applied too thickly as this can lead to side effects.

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Ingredients in Bactroban Nasal

Bactroban Nasal contains mupirocin as the active ingredient. This is an antibiotic against nasal infection. This means that it kills bacteria and can thus fight the infection. The effect should be clearly visible within a few days. The treatment lasts 5 to 7 days and should never last longer than 10 days. Pay close attention to this when using.