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What is Xenical?

Xenical is a remedy against overweight  and obesity. It is especially active in your digestive system. This medicine aims to prevent on average one third of all the fat present in our daily diet from being digested. Xenical does this by binding to the enzymes in our digestive system. Therefore, it blocks some enzymes with the aim of breaking down fats present in our daily diet in a timely manner. He is mainly concerned with lipases. This way we do not absorb the undigested fat and it is removed from our body.

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What is this medicine used for?

Are you struggling with too much unhealthy belly fat and therefore also overweight and do you want to do something about that? Then you can never lose weight fast enough. You can only lose weight permanently without the dreaded yo-yo effect if you follow a healthy and natural diet in combination with sufficient exercise. You can stimulate this process by taking nutritional supplements or other medicines that help you lose weight. Such a remedy is Xenical. You will get the best results by incorporating this medicine into a healthy, natural, balanced and varied diet.

How does Xenical work?

Orlistat is the active ingredient in this medication that contains 120 milligrams of this substance. Orlistat is used in many slimming products, but not in the same high concentration as is the case with Xenical. Comparable anti-obesity medications often contain only half or even less than the Orlistat dosage found in this medication. Xenical and its main component Orlistat are so-called lipase inhibitors. These prevent part of the fat from our diet from being stored in our gastrointestinal tract by breaking it down early. On average, 30 percent of all the fat we eat ends up in our intestines and is therefore not used as an energy source. Take Xenical with water during or an hour before or after your meals.

How effective is this drug?

Xenical is really effective if you want to lose weight . Extensive research was conducted into this. With Xenical you will lose an average of up to five percent extra of your total excess weight if it is combined with a healthy diet. This may not be much in itself, but together with a healthy diet and lifestyle you will lose your excess weight faster. An advantage that should not be underestimated is that you do not have to follow a strict diet to lose weight more easily. Because on average 30 percent of all fat is broken down by diet pills, a light diet is sufficient to lose weight. And a light diet will certainly keep you full longer than a strict diet.

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