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The drug Lariam is used to kill the parasites that cause malaria. This can take several forms. It can be used to prevent malaria as well as to cure malaria. It depends on whether malaria has already taken hold of the body or not on how this drug should be used. However, the moment of intake is always the same. The doctor can provide clarity about this. When used properly, treating or preventing malaria can easily be achieved with the help of this medicine.

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How to use

Lariam is a medicine in tablet form. The tablets should preferably be taken around meals, just before or just after. This promotes the absorption of the active substances into the body. Take them with water or another drink. In the case of preventing malaria, the drug can be used once a week for a period of time or half a dose twice a week. To cure malaria, it is taken evenly throughout the day in treatment form two or three times a day.

Side effects

Many people who use Lariam experience sleep disorders. This could be insomnia. However, it is also possible that bad dreams are dreamed, similar to fever dreams. If this causes significant discomfort, it may be wise to consult a doctor. Other problems include anxiety, depression, nausea, gastrointestinal complaints, dizziness, headache, itching, drowsiness and eye problems. Ringing in the ears, confusion and hypersensitivity to the substances are also possible side effects of this medication. In some cases it concerns blood disorders, hair loss or liver disorders.

Active ingredients

The active ingredient of Lariam is the substance Mefloquine. This is the substance that kills the parasites that cause malaria. The advantage of this substance is that it does not react with other substances. Conversely, almost all other substances do not react to this active substance. The only exception is substances contained in anti-tuberculosis medications. These can pose a problem. The effect may then become less strong. It is always important to inform the doctor of this before use.

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