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The use of Trisequens is intended for women who experience severe menopause symptoms. It is also a medicine that can combat osteoporosis, or also bone decalcification. By using the drug correctly, the complaints can decrease significantly within a few weeks. It is essential to keep a close eye on a number of important matters surrounding use. The drug must be used in exactly the right way to have sufficient effect. Therefore, always pay close attention.

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Side effects of Trisequens

In up to 30 percent of cases, Trisequens can cause side effects such as headache, tense or painful breasts, breakthrough bleeding and increased vaginal discharge. These are often temporary complaints. Less common is fluid retention in the ankles and feet, experiencing abdominal pain, depression, altered sex drive and increased nervousness. In some cases it may appear that there is hypersensitivity to the active substances. In that case, treatment must be interrupted immediately. In all cases, keep a close eye on the side effects and notify the doctor where necessary.

Dosage and use Trisequens

Trisequens is used in the order in which these tablets are placed in the packaging. It is very important to take a tablet at the same time every day and to do this as indicated on the packaging. If you forget to take a tablet, you can make up for it up to twelve hours after the usual time. However, never take a double dose. When all tablets in the pack have been used, proceed immediately to the next one. Monitor whether the complaints have decreased after three months. Try to keep the period of use as short as possible, between six months and a year, or very rarely just a little longer.

What's in Trisequens?

Estradiol and norethisterone can be found in Trisequens. These are synthetic variants of estrogen and progesterone. These hormones occur naturally in the female body. By keeping hormone levels better balanced, the symptoms of menopause become less severe. The chance of osteoporosis is also considerably smaller.

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