Worm infections

 A worm infection is very annoying. There is often the idea that worm infections only occur in animals, but this is absolutely not true. People can also suffer from worms and that can have very unpleasant consequences. It is therefore important to detect a worm infection in time so that you can start appropriate treatment. Because a worm infection is in principle quite easy to remedy. Here you can read everything about a worm infection and more importantly, how to get rid of it.

A worm infection in humans

As you have already read above, there is often the incorrect impression that worm infections mainly affect animals. But this is not true. A human can also contract a worm infection. Worm infections are always contracted orally. So, for example, through food, or touching something with your hands and then putting your hand in your mouth.

Symptoms of a worm infection

Because worm infections occur via the oral route, you can logically imagine that the first symptoms and complaints are mainly focused on the stomach and intestines. One of the first symptoms of a worm infection is abdominal pain and/or nausea. When a fever is present, it is always important to seek immediate medical attention.

You may also experience anal itching if you have contracted a worm infection. And sometimes you may even see the worms in the feces. They can often be recognized as thin, white strings. These complaints are often accompanied by intense itching. A GP can possibly culture the stool to determine whether it is worms.

Various types of worm infections

There are various types of worm infections. That is why it is always wise to visit your doctor first in case of a possible worm infection. This person can then use a simple examination to try to find out which worm infection it is and what treatment you need for it. Of course, there are also ways to deal with worm infections yourself.

Tips on how to quickly get rid of a worm infection

In principle, most worm infections heal on their own within a maximum of six weeks, but a worm infection often causes a lot of discomfort such as abdominal pain or itching. If the complaints are not bearable, you can, for example, buy the medicine Mebendazole at the pharmacy or drugstore. This drug kills the worms and is available without a prescription.

In addition, there are also a number of pieces of advice that are useful to apply when you suffer from worms. For example, wash yourself regularly because worms are very contagious, clean the toilet daily and especially do not scratch around the anus if you suffer from itching. Wash your clothes extra hot and make sure you vacuum daily. Hygiene is very important.

A worm infection is almost never serious, unless you get a really high fever or become really ill. Then it is really necessary to seek medical help.