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What is Champix?

Champix is a drug that helps you quit with smoking. This is thanks to the active ingredient Varenicline. Varenicline makes the brain less sensitive to nicotine and makes you feel less like having a cigarette. You can buy Champix in tablets. The tablets have different dosages of Varenicline. You start with a light dose and then increase it.

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What is this medicine used for?

Champix helps you quit smoking. This drug reduces the urge for a cigarette. People who are addicted to smoking often find it very difficult to quit. When stopping, they may experience psychological and physical complaints. This makes them want to start smoking again.

Smoking causes many diseases. Smokers have smelly breath, can develop yellow teeth, cough... There are also long-term consequences. Smokers can develop the following conditions: chronic bronchitis, asthma, COPD, sinusitis, emphysema and lung cancer. When you smoke, people around you also smoke. This is also bad for their health. It is therefore vital to stop smoking. Buying Champix online can help you with this.

How does Champix work?

Nicotine stimulates the brain, which sends a signal that makes us want to smoke a cigarette. Varenicline blocks the effect of nicotine on the brain. The brain thus becomes less sensitive to nicotine. You will crave nicotine and therefore cigarettes less. Varenicline will also reduce the withdrawal symptoms of quitting smoking . It partially mimics the effect of nicotine.


Always start with the Champix starter pack before starting a full treatment.

  • Do not chew the tablets. Swallow with half a glass of water.
  • Initially take a smaller dose, build up gradually.
  • Use Champix starter pack for at least 2 weeks before quitting smoking. Be sure to stop smoking before the fifth week of using this medicine.
  • Use for 3 to 6 months. Take the full course of treatment.

Champix starter pack

Start pack diagram

Day 1-3:1 tablet per day: low strength (white)
Day 4-7: 2 tablets per day: low strength (white)
Next days:2 tablets per day: high strength (blue)

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How effective is this drug?

Champix is effective in helping people with smoking addiction to quit smoking. It is important that you use this medicine for at least two weeks before quitting smoking. Don't wait too long and stop smoking before the fifth week of use. Only then is the drug effective.


Research shows that four in ten smokers stop smoking after using Champix for twelve weeks. This remains the case after one year for two in ten smokers. Once you have been able to stop, it is difficult to keep it up. Don't just stop in the middle of a treatment. Then you will feel like smoking again. Complete the full treatment!

Possible side effects: nausea, headache , runny nose, insomnia or abnormal dreams. Rarely you may experience muscle pain, stomach upset or dry mouth. These side effects mainly occur in people who are sensitive to them. In case of nausea you can take the tablets with some food.

See the package leaflet for a full list of side effects.

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You would like toBuy Champix without prescription? You can therefore buy Champix online from us. This can be done without a prescription from your own GP or another medical specialist. All you have to do is complete an online consultation. An affiliated GMC-registered doctor assesses these for possible health risks. If the doctor sees no risks for you to use this medicine, he or she will write a prescription and you can order Champix online. We will ship your order quickly and discreetly to the address you provided.
Ordering Champix without a prescription applies to both the initial pack and the follow-up treatments. Ordering Champix tablets for the first time? Then it is best to choose the starter pack.

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We are often asked whether Champix is ​​for sale at Kruidvat, Etos or another drugstore. The answer is no. Your application must be approved by a doctor. You can buy Champix at the pharmacy or online. A pharmacy is allowed to sell prescription medicines, but a drugstore such as Kruidvat is not certified for this.