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The inhaler pulmicort inhibits inflammation in the airways. In addition, it protects the airways against stimuli of shortness of breath. That is why this medicine is prescribed to patients who suffer from asthma or complaints related to COPD. In such cases, the long-lasting effect of this medicine can provide great relief. It is good to realize that this is not a fast-acting drug for airway dilation. It is also important to emphasize that daily use will provide stable forms of improvement after more than ten days.

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Associated side effects Pulmicort

When it comes to side effects of Pulmicort, it will primarily concern the possibility of fungal infections developing in the mouth and throat. To counteract this as best as possible, it is important to rinse your mouth with water immediately after inhalation to rinse away any residue of the substances. Other complaints include increased shortness of breath, increased glaucoma, psychological complaints or allergies. In all these cases it is very important to quickly consult the doctor for advice.

How to use pulmicort

Pulmicort must be inhaled. This means that you must first practice well to learn how this inhalation works. It is then important to keep up with the technology. Take the medicine at a fixed time of the day. If there are more intake moments in a day, for example when used twice a day, it is essential to spread these moments evenly over the day, for example every twelve hours. This greatly benefits the long-term operation. So always pay close attention to this when using it.

Active elements

The active substance busodine is an adrenal cortex hormone. This is also known as a corticosteroid. The adrenal cortex hormones that are processed in medicines have an anti-inflammatory effect. It is also seen as a substance that protects the respiratory tract. This is reflected in the long-term effect, whereby the stimuli for new shortness of breath are removed.

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